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Science backs up the fact that the healing effects of the nature are undisputable.

Forest Mind is an innovation system designed in Finland.

It constists of various types of mental skills exercises designed to utilize and intensify the natural healing effects of forests. This method uses the latest, most widely accepted trends in psychology, therapy, and coaching, including mindfulness and life coaching, in a natural setting or with natural imagery. 


Forest Mind Basics training is directed to everyone, who wants to utilize this method to their own benefit.


Do you want to enhance your:


Stress relief 





Here is course for your self-care! 

This course will provide you with:

  • A presentation in a powerpoint/video format about the core principles and usability of the Forest Mind 

    This lecture contains information about the method, how it is easily applied for you and your well-being, how to practise it and the frameworks around the method

    You also learn how to move forward if you get excited about it and maybe want to educate more with it and start utilizing it in your work.


  • Exercise Plan Template designed for you, for making this learning also a fantastic habit !

    You can make this a habit, and I provide a dowloadable template for you to make it easy! 

  • 9 video exercises done outdoors by me, to watch and practise, either in the forest or at your desktop

    I am providing various kinds of exercises for you in a video format. You can try them in the forest or even at the desk top.

    You also will get a bigger  downloadable collection of exercises to be taken with you into the woods for practise, if you wish so.



  • General information videos about the background and framework of the Forest Mind

    I have included some theoretical background of the Forest Mind and interview the founder Sirpa Arvonen of the method briefly, too.

Forest Mind Basics Course

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Your Bonus


I have been waiting for this web training for a long time

and finally it is here! 

Cannot wait to go through it all! 



Harry Mälkki

Sr Management Advisor, Nature Lover

Forest Mind videos are easy to follow and get you to explore forest in a new, more mindful way as well as opening up your mind to self exploration. I truly believe nature is the key to our wellbeing

- excited to learn more!



Anne Vainio

Licensed Real Estate Broker, Forest Fan


Erja Järvelä

I spent 16 years in a hectic corporate environment and changed my life course 10 years ago. Since then I have been studying holistic well-being, nature and environmental issues and the healing effects of the nature and have my own company Mixing Nuts Oy.

I offer coaching, lectures and various trainings under the vast umbrella of holistic well-being and how to use our mind to our advantage. 


 I recently also became a Forest Mind Trainer and guide goups and hold different kinds of trainings on the topic.

I just love nature from the bottom of my heart and

believe that it has so much to offer for us. 

Hope I can convey some of that feeling to you <3  

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